Bio: I have two stories published in a book series entitled "Not Your Mother's Book...On Family" and one story in "Not Your Mother's Book... On Working For A Living". Plus I have several articles published in local papers. I'm proud to be a member of this, my new family. The stories are lighthearted and funny and tell how our ways differ from our parents ways...which to me means we're exactly like them. OMG..I Am My Mother! I think you'll enjoy this book as well as the other titles in the series. Please check them all out on Amazon. But right now, more about me: I live in Northern California where I dream of some day moving out of the zip code I was born into 60+ years ago. In no special order my loves include, but are not limited to: Writing, Photography, Blue M&M's, Maker's Mark, Pacific Grove, Reading, TV, Movies, Friends, and my Family. Being a shy, quiet person (except when writing) I do what I call Talking with My Mouth Closed. I keep my thoughts and comments to myself. I'm afraid people will think I'm an idiot for speaking so unfiltered. I've decided to put my thoughts and stories out there to share with others. Perhaps I'm not the only one who feels this way. And perhaps this is just the place for me to keep talking with my mouth closed. Maybe there is someone out there is listening. Thank you and welcome to Talking With My Mouth Closed! MonaD

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