Seven Days of Amazon

I think God created Amazon so I wouldn’t have to leave the house on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I shopped Amazon on line. 

And when He saw I was pleased, He decided it was good, so God created Cyber Monday. Again I shopped on line.  

And when He caught on that I had no intention of going shopping for anything other than food because it was only 30degrees outside, He decreed that both days should be extended to week long events.

I continued to shop on line, and He saw it was good.

When the UPS man came to my house and delivered 13 boxes at one time, even though He understood the man’s job was safe with me and I was helping run the U.S. economy, He cancelled my Visa card, and saw that it was good.

Amazon sent an email asking if I wanted to apply future purchases to my Discover card. 


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