October Madness

Do you get many goblins at your door, do you run out of candy, do you keep a reserve hidden in your underwear drawer?I don’t get any goblins anymore, the neighborhood has changed somewhat. So I never run out of candy and my underwear drawer has also somewhat changed.

No more Bunny Suit for me, if you remembered that one.

Here’s my new Halloween fun: I do wine parings with the handy little individually wrapped varieties of Halloween candy.

I have found that a robust red goes well with dark chocolate, a clean crisp Pinot Grigio is fun with candy corn, a Boudreaux is fantastic with York Peppermint Patties, Pinot Noir with Snickers will knock your socks off, AND all candy is best served with a manhattan, but mostly M&M peanut candies.

I’ll do all of this on one very scary night (tonight) and if I’m lucky I’ll be in a wine induced chocolate coma until sometime after this damn election.

(I vote by mail, in case you’re wondering)