Point of View

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.

In Their Own World

Richard smiled to himself as he felt the warmth of her soft hand in his, he squeezed it a little tighter. It’s been a long road both emotionally and physically for them and things are starting to look a little better. Jane has begun to come around again. She’s more open, more giving, and more loving. Although still silent most of the time, he can tell when she does speak that her mood is upbeat. All the doctors said it would take time. The accident was bad, but the recovery has been much worse. They’re hoping she will regain the rest of her memory soon. But not him, because then she’ll remember what they really lost.

It’s a cool fall day in the park and as they walk they came across a old woman on a bench, she’s wrapped warn as if it’s the dead of winter. As they approach the woman lifts the blanket to expose a tiny red sweater she’s been knitting, all the while trying to keep her frail hands warm under the blanket.

Richard froze in the spot. Their baby was wearing a small red sweater similar to this one on that day. His heart took a plunge and he couldn’t catch his breath for a second. It hurt so much to recall his sweet little face and that voice that was starting to say “Dahdah”, tears came to him quickly, as usual. Would she notice, could this be the memory trigger she needed? He hoped not but he worried she’d never be the same woman he married. He moved quickly to guild her past the old woman who was now smiling at them.

Jane wished he wouldn’t hold her hand so much, did he think she’d get lost and not be able to find her way out of the park? Why did he insist on babying her so? She was no child, she used to walk in the park all the time, although not alone. Everyone needed to let her be. The closeness felt consuming, smothering. And these doctors, what did they think she was supposed to accomplish in such a short time. He was a stranger when she woke, but now she knows who he is, just not what he wants. She feared she’d never figure out how to please him, or how to pleases herself for that matter. Oh well, life does go on she reassured herself, knowing that something important was missing. At least her parents knew she was doing fine, thank God for them, she smiled. Oh, look, now there’s an optimistic woman! At her age she still believes she can still prepare for a child. You go girl, she nodded and smiled back at the old woman.

Sitting on this bench makes my butt numb the old woman mumbled to herself. If I had proper heating I could stay indoors, but no..I have to come here and look for a few rays of sun. She was working on yet another sweater. At least this time she was given red yarn; blue and pink were so boring. She’d made this particular style so many times she needed no pattern. And even thought her fingers were old and arthritic she could still knit with skilled speed. Most women in the home who could knit were given projects for the women’s shelter, but how many baby sweaters were needed? Couldn’t she help in other ways? This was getting out of hand. Charity work was something she’d always been involved in but she needed something else to focus on now. But understanding and accepting life’s limitations age had brought to her, sitting and knitting was what she had to settle for. Not happy at the “retirement” home she was currently living in, she was continually bored. But she always managed to get outside without any supervision. Where were her own children and why did no one visit  any longer? Was almost always on her mind. Oh! here’s a nice young couple, maybe they would stop and visit a while. Smiling at their young faces, she recognized the woman as she walked here often, but today she was with a different man. She knew at once that they would not be the ones to stop and visit. Not today anyway.


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