Writing 101 #3: Commit to a writing practice, and 3 Songs

How strange, this assignment it was really meant for me today. This is what a wrote upon waking early this morning:

I awoke around midnight from screaming coming from the open field space behind my house. I’m not a squeamish person, but the cries of what ever animal was suffering from the beast that was fortunate enough to grab it for their meal upset me and gave me a fitful and un-restful night of sleep. I got up from bed and looked out at the field but could see nothing. I got back into bed still hearing those screams in my mind.

I dreamt of a lost friendship due to, among other things, distance. The feelings of hurt and loss added to my restless night. This morning I woke in a funk of sadness and regret that is overwhelming me. The song that comes to mind is from the Indigo Girls who I just love, and it’s one that spoke so truthfully to my heart, it’s called You’ve Got To Show. Here are just one of the many lyrics by Emily Saliers that I wish I’d written:

While you occupy me, I command my dreams each day
To bring you in me even thinly as the mornin’ chases you away
I half believe if I just picture us we will come true
Wishful thinkin’ or my hope’s sinkin’ half depends on you

Wow, so different from yesterday when I woke to 20 huge, juicy looking wild turkeys pecking through my front lawn.

Think I’ll go play some Beatles CD’s on and dance like no one is watching, that should help.

(Ok, so it’s only one song, but like I said, I got to the assignment after I’d already done my writting.)



2 thoughts on “Writing 101 #3: Commit to a writing practice, and 3 Songs

  1. I love to dance also – relieves tension and music always makes me want to sing and move. What about two more songs?

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