Writing 101 2#: Room With a View

View From the Window

View From the Window

….My favorite subject, the view from the window at our beach house.

Where to begin is hard…so I’ll start with a short history. This is the house that my Grandfather (Pa), my dad, and my uncle built in 1963 on an inherited “tent lot”, which measures 30’wx60’d. It’s a two story house with a balcony and the entire front are windows that capture most of the Monterey Bay. A small house with a huge breath taking view.

From these windows I watch the early morning joggers run past the house, and the sea lions diving for their breakfast. Tour busses can no longer stop at the pull-out across the street as the bus fumes were a huge problem for the people living at this turn in the street. I like to open all the windows and doors an let in the cool ocean breeze. It’s cold, even for me, but I bundle up. Everything is closed when I have guests, they usually don’t like to be that cold so early in  the day. This is not a warm weather area, although with the pattern changes it can become quite warm for some parts of the year.

At night, gazing from the right to the left, you can follow the city lights of Santa Cruz all along the bay to Moss Landing, Marina and Seaside,  as well as the late night fishermen’s boats in the bay which are all lit up for their evening work. Sometimes those lights can be so bright as to light up the entire house. The Pacific Ocean is just to the left, around the corner of the bay, barely a few hundred feet away.

The sunrise from the East is a miracle to behold, no matter what time of year it’s always an awesome experience for me. The way it creeps slowly over the mountain far off behind what used to be Fort Ord, then the rays lightly kisses the bay waters to waken up all the colors of blues and greens that fell asleep the night before, just makes my skin tingle.

When I have everything open the sound from Point Pinos lighthouse can be heard in the distance, the call of the gulls echoes all the way through the house, but  the early morning fishing boats just skim across the surface of the bay making little or no sound at all.

But to my nose the aroma of the ocean is what wakens all my senses; salty, fishy, dampness, and floral all bombard and overwhelm me.

Ah yes, and then the smell of fresh brewed coffee hits my nose and joins in the morning party. Now I can really sit back and enjoy the view……………


3 thoughts on “Writing 101 2#: Room With a View

  1. MonaD,
    How about inviting our class Writing 101 over for a lovely morning? It sounds like a wonderful field trip and we can bring jackets and you can keep the windows open.

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