I mean…..

What is happening to our language? Who is now changing the rules on our dialogue and why must people start a sentence with “I mean”? What exactly does “I mean” mean? What purpose does it serve? The sentence following I Mean almost never has anything to do with what anyone is meaning to say. It’s just a way to start a sentence. Why?

And everyone says it now, why? Athletes when being interviewed, bystanders speaking in public to a horrific event, my dentist, the grocery clerk, shut-ins on Big Brother, stupid kids (this is expected), just about everyone.

Me: “Hi how was your weekend?”

She: “I mean…..If I’d known everyone was coming over I wouldn’t have opened my door.”

Me: “You mean what?”

She: “What?”

Me: “You said ‘I mean’, so I’m waiting to hear what you mean.”

She: “I mean? What are YOU talking about?”

Me: “So…what do you mean?”

She: “About what?”

Me: “About not opening your door?”

She: “Why?”

Me: “Go to hell.”

Speaking poorly has always been around, so has slang but this new fad is one of the dumbest ever. It’s becoming more and more prominent among people of all walks of life and, to me, it’s really aggravating. If someone’s about to explain to me what they mean, I don’t need a heads up. I can figure that out, on my own, once they’ve opened their mouth and started talking.

Me: “Hi, how was your weekend?”

She: “If I’d known everyone was coming over I wouldn’t have opened my door.”

Me: “Why, what happened?”

She: “So many more people showed up unexpected. I didn’t have enough food or drink so I was scrambling to make more. And they stayed late and left a huge mess for me to clean up.”

Me: “Wow, I wouldn’t have opened the door either.”

I know, poor example, but you get my drift….start your conversation with what you actually mean.

Things that make me cringe:



I know, right?

I say them all the time, but usually in mocking, or with sarcasm. I’d never talk to a peer or even a stranger using poor grammar. I would talk like this to my grandchildren if I wanted them to think Nana is cool, which I don’t because I’m not.

A “conversation” I overheard at the mall by two young girls walking behind me:

1st Girl: “O.M.G.!” (Spelling it out)

2nd Girl: “Seriously?”

1st Girl: “I knoooow, right?”

2nd Girl: “I mean..”

1st Girl: “I’m tellen ya!”

They were probably talking about me, but I couldn’t tell.

Want to make me really crazy? End a sentence with a preposition, go ahead.

“Mom, where are my shoes at?”

“They’re at grocery store, didn’t they tell you? They walked there all on their own, but said they’d be back soon.”

Not only do I not know where shoes, or other items that aren’t mine, are “at”, but I don’t care. I usually put my things back in their place so I know where to find them “at” when I need them. At!

And please, the word is ASK or ASKED, not AXED. Never “axe” me anything! I just might use one.

These people are going to be our work force one day, and those already in the work force just look plain stupid when speaking this way.

The Asiana plane crash in San Francisco was horrible was event. But it certainly could have been much worse. What did make it worse for me, was that our local news team couldn’t pronounce Asiana (long A) properly. And this one particular woman is Asian! She kept calling the airline Ahh-she-ahh-nah. I wonder, does this knowledgeable news caster know that the continent is pronounced Asia (long A) and not Ahh-sha, has she been there recently? The airlines call themselves Asiana, they’re Asian, and they get it. But this entire news team, for whatever reason, decided to miss-pronounce the company name, which has been named for the continent they fly to.

How do I know this? I went to school. Plus I’m a retired travel agent. Not only have I been to Asia (with a long A) but I used to sell it as a destination. I’ve also sold tickets on Asiana Airlines (again, long A). Plus our office had regular visits from the airline rep, who also pronounced her company as Asiana, with a long A.

O.M.G.! I just realized something: I’m old, that’s it! I’m old and I can’t stand the new way of being cool. I used to be cool when I was a hippie. What happened? I was “rad”, I “cruised creek”, I “sucked face” and more…Seriously? I mean….I used to sneak out at night; roll my skirt way above my knees; hang out with boys.. I KNOW….right?

But, I will only pronounce Asiana with a long A.